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The main procedural steps that any PCT international patent application goes through before the PCT international patent searching Authority include:
  1. Conducting the PCT international patent search,
  2. preparing the PCT international patent search report, and
  3. establishing a written opinion.

The main purpose of the PCT patent search is to discover relevant prior art. "Prior art" consists of everything which is essential to the public anywhere in the world by means of written disclosure. It is "relevant" in respect of the PCT international patent application if it can help in determining whether or not the claimed invention is new, whether or not it involves an inventive step and whether the making available to the public occurred prior to the PCT international filing date. The PCT international patent search is made on the foundation of the claims, with due regard to the description and the drawings contained in the PCT international patent application. The results of the PCT patent searches are set out in the PCT international patent search report. A pct patent search is made by an authorized International Searching Authority to find the most relevant prior art documents regarding the claimed subject-matter.

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