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Patent Filing in Venezuela

Venezuela is a member of the Paris Convention and patent can be filed in Venezuela by taking a priority from one of the convention countries within 12 months from the priority date.

Term of patent: 5 or10 years from the date of filing of the international application. Patent Office: Servicio Autónomo de Propiedad Industrial (SAPI)


Paradigm to obtain a patent in Venezuela:-
  • Filing of patent application
  • Formal Examination
  • Compliance with the examiners office action
  • Acceptance (Notice of Allowance) or rejection.
  • Payment of the Issue Fees.
Documents required for filing of Patent Application in Venezuela
  • complete specification
  • formal drawing, if any
  • certified copy of the priority document
  • Spanish translation of the specification and priority documents
  • Declaration of Inventorship
  • Power of Attorney legalized before the Venezuela consulate
  • Timeline for filing a conventional application in Venezuela is 12 months from the priority date