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Patent Filing in Norway

Norway is a member of the Patent co-operation Treaty and Paris Convention. Patent applications can be filed in Norway through the PCT route or by filing directly as a conventional application.

Term of the Patent: 20 years from the filing date

Patent Office: New Zealand Intellectual Property Office


Paradigm to obtain a patent in Norway:-
  • Patent Filing
  • Publication
  • Formal examination within 36 months from date of filing
  • Compliance with the Office action either with written statement or hearing
  • Acceptance(notice of allowance) or rejection
  • Payment of final taxes an title
  • Renewal fees are payable in respect of pending European patent applications in respect of the third year from the date of filing
Documents required for filing of Patent Application in Norway

1. PCT National phase application

  • WIPO Publication
  • International Search Report
  • International Preliminary Examination Report (optional)
  • Norwegian translated copy of the specification
  • Power of Attorney

2.Convention Application under Paris Convention

  • Complete specification
  • Drawings (if any)
  • Abstract
  • Certified copy of the priority document (s)
  • Norwegian translation of the specification and priority documents
  • Company’s copy of incorporation document with translation
  • Declaration of inventorship
  • Power of attorney
  • 3 months deadline is given to the applicants for filing all formalities in the Patent Office
  • For PCT applications filed after January 2008, Norway is included in EPO filing
  • Excess claims fee: NOK 200 per claim over 10
  • Small entity status: companies with less than 20 employees do not have to pay the examination fee, and pay NOK 300 less for the Basic Fee. Total savings is about USD 650
  • Timeline for entry into National phase in Norway is 31 months
  • Timeline for filing a conventional application in Norway is 12 months