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PCT National Stage

The national stage in India is the second of the two major phases of the PCT procedure. Firstly, the applicant has to select the country to file the application, after that national phase starts. If applicant selects the PCT application in India, which is chosen in the demand for preliminary examination filed within 19 months of the priority date. Therefore, the applicant has to enter the national stage within 31 months from the priority date. However, the time limit for national stage entry in India is only 21 months from the priority date, when India is not selected by the applicant in the demand for preliminary examination.

We require the basic requirements for entry into national phase in India:
  1. Application set out the title of the invention, names, addresses, and Nationality of the inventors and applicants.
  2. Complete Requirement as filed before the International office with claims, drawings, and abstract.
  3. Prescribed Fees in demand draft/cash

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