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The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an efficient and cost-effective way to enter into the patenting process in many countries at one time. Although the PCT procedure does not result directly in the issuance of any national patents, it provides several important benefits for applicants contemplating foreign filing. The most important objective of the PCT is to simplify and to render more effective and economical in the interests of the users of the patent system and the offices that have responsibility for administering it. All PCT filing Applications designating India are considered as Indian Patent Applications filed on the date of the International Application. The period to get entry into national phase is 31 months from the priority date.

Following are the basic requirements for entry into National Phase in India:
  1. Application setting out the title of the invention, addresses, names, and Nationality of the inventors; applicants.
  2. Complete specification as filed before the International office with drawings, claims, and abstract. If the pct application is filed in any language other than English language then a certified English translation of the same.
  3. Prescribed Fees in cash /by demand draft/by local cheque.

Once the national processing has started, the following documents have to be furnished either along with the Application or within the stipulated time frame:
  1. Assignment deed where the applicant is not the inventor.
  2. Declaration of inventorship by the Applicant,
  3. Statement and undertaking regarding status of corresponding Applications in other countries every six months,
  4. Power of Attorney to agent.
  5. International Search Report
  6. International Preliminary Examination Report, if any.

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Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Search India

Before file your pct filing application, you should conduct a pct search on order to make sure that your pct filing application has granted or not by pct filing office in India. PCT provides formal examination of the international application by the receiving Office, and the application is subjected to an international search so that it can be checked that pct filing application has granted by PCT filing office in India. We guarantee that all PCT filing search requests will be performed and the PCT search report delivered to you by next business day or else. The PCT Search Report will be communicated to you by email or Fax. If you decide to fill the application we will help you in PCT filing.